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With the 2018 collection, we unveil the latest innovations in the field, combined with the finest craftsmanship, the best materials and Italian-made finishes. Our artisans play a fundamental part in the process of frame construction.


It's the attitude towards sophisticated details that marks
the difference between a
mass-produced frame and a handcrafted one, built from scratch for you.



Design, materials and last generation equipment are all crucial to manufacturing a high end frame, but the true added value lies in our expert craftsmen’s ability. Their expertise has been growing and renewing every day for the past 30 years.

All Battaglin frames are strictly made in Italy . They are no-compromise “ Made in Italy “ products in terms of design, materials and finishing options. This ensures each of them complies to the highest originality and excellence standards.

A handmade Italian frame and a mass product are so different , but details are a key differetiating factor, such as Battaglin’s tube -to-tube technology and the autoclave system for air and dust removal during the manufacturing process ensuring a more compact and sturdier frame, or the wrapping that provides impeccable appearance and functionality.

Customized painting , the most spectacular step: your frame takes on the colors of your feelings and emotions. Moreover, our Ermitage service allows you to choose from a wealth of tailored details for your Casanova and Amarcord model and pick your favorite color from a rich palette.