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We've been manufacturing high-end road bike frames for more than 30 years.Our products are sold all over the world, thanks to the reputation for excellence we have earned in the international cycling community. Italian style, innovative solutions and sophisticated designs are what makes for the appeal of the Battaglin frames.
At the Battaglin headquarter located in Marostica, Italy, a talented research team keeps seeking technological advancements with the demanding cyclist in mind.


In recent years, the Battaglin brand has set its focus on the design, production and sale of high-end road carbon frames. Frames shaped exclusively by the hands of expert craftsmen. We purposely avoid standardised, serial productions and this will allow you to have:
Greater Flexibility
An exclusive product that guarantees you all the exclusive, prime-quality appeal of a handmade product
A personal appearance, rich with refined details
The Battaglin products are manufactured in Italy, making the most of what the local area has to offer, from top-quality materials selected with the utmost care for their properties and functions to the finest craftsmanship skills and design.

Tradition, beauty, passion. These are the values that have guided our work, allowing us to celebrate 35 years of success. 
Tradition because Battaglin Cicli's history is tied up with its founder's one, the Italian cyclist Giovanni Battaglin.
Beauty because the engineering advancements of the Battaglin collections have always come dressed in unique designs with great attention to aesthetics.
Passion because as a brand founded and run by an ex-pro cyclist, we know what athletes and enthusiasts have in common: the desire to live rewarding adventures in the saddle.


With the 2018 Battaglin collection, we unveil the latest innovations in the field, combined with the finest craftsmanship, the best materials and Italian-made finishes. Our artisans play a fundamental part in the process of frame construction.           
It's the attitude towards sophisticated details that marks the difference between a mass-produced frame and a handcrafted one, built from scratch for you.


Ermitage is our customization service offering you the chance to own the frame of your dreams, tailored to your highest expectations. Ermitage is a journey through the finest Italian craftsmanship. The materials, the colors, the customizations: we will take care of everything.
With the Ermitage collection, the Battaglin team has created an exclusive package of tools that will allow you to make your frame unique and extraordinary.