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Viale Vicenza 4/1



We've been designing and producing road bikes since 1981. The most successful year for our founder Giovanni Battaglin as a professional cyclist was also the beginning of his career as a bike manufacturer.

For 35 years, we have been bringing racers and enthusiasts the latest technological advancements, developed through real expertise. The paint jobs and finishes that dress the Battaglin bikes is what makes for a unique and recognizable Italian style.

We're based in Marostica, in the North-East of Italy, where nearly everyone rides. We can breathe the passion for cycling, and the unstoppable desire of riding will keep us doing the job we love.


For over 30 years now, we have been designing and producing bicycles with cutting-edge technology, thanks to the experience of the founder Giovanni Battaglin, a memorableathlete who has gone down in the history of Italian and international cycling.

A sophisticated combination of style, performance and innovative solutions, our bikes represent top-of-the-range Italian quality at its most authentic, and are aimed at cyclists who aspire to the very best.

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