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from a legendary grand-tour double to a bike workshop: the battaglin LEGACY

Giovanni Battaglin is a professional cyclist who made history by winning the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana in the same year, the only Italian cyclist capable of achieving such a feat.

Giovanni Battaglin turned professional in 1973, debuting in his first Giro d’Italia among champions as Merckx ,Gimondi, Fuente, and taking an impressive 3rd place.

During his long career, he won 84 races. He took part in 10 Tours of Italy, 5 Tour de France and 8 World Championships.

In 1981, he achieved the top of his cycling career by winning the Vuelta and the Giro D’Italia.

The eponymous bike brand was born right after his most important result.

Everything started in a little workshop in Marostica, with the help of Giovanni’s most trusted mechanic.

In winter 1981 they showed the world their first prototypes, which beared the name of their creator's most prestigious victories, namely the “Giro” and the “Vuelta”.

The two models received excited responses and positive feedback when they were presented at all the most important cycling exhibitions.

The company's partners included some of the most important Italian and international brands, who shared Giovanni’s vision and decided to give him their total support.

Soon after many athletes started to use Battaglin’s bicycles, but the real consecration came in 1987, when Stephen Roche won the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the World Championship riding a Battaglin bike.

Business grew quickly, and Battaglin became one of the most important Italian manufacturers in the field.

The company started experimenting with new and lighter materials: first aluminum, then carbon.

Then, in 2014, a new collection was born.

With the major brands outsourcing the production of carbon frames in South East Asia, Giovanni decided to go against the tide.

He wanted to go back to brazing steel frames, just like he used to do in the late 80s and 90s before aluminium and carbon became the de facto standard for bicycle production.

That’s how the Officina Battaglin brand was born, a collection of road frames handcrafted in Italy under Giovanni’s supervision and using the original process, machinery and craftsmen.

With the Officina Battaglin steel frames, Giovanni Battaglin is reviving his legacy, being the only Italian steel maker to have significant experience with steel in the peloton.

Interview to Giovanni Battaglin

I love cycling. It's pure passion for me.

I've dedicated all my life to this sport, which has given me so much.

In 1981, after achieving the Giro-Vuelta double, I founded my own bicycle brand.

We started out as three people, two mechanics and me. Even if in the following years the business grew, I've always taken part personally in the development of new products.

I've always been fascinated by the mechanics of the road bicycle.

As a bicycle producer, I've tried to transfer the feelings and the dynamics of professional racing to my eponymous products.

I could say that I came up with my first invention in 1978, when I was still riding as a professional.

At the time, we used to ride 6-speed bicycles. The evening before a stage race that included a very hard ascent in the course, I tried to find a solution that would enable me to climb faster and easier.

I needed a lower gear, so I designed and built an extra chainset. The following day, I dropped my chain on it, and I won the stage.

It was the first time a triple chainset was used. Then, every major brand in the industry copied and started producing it.

There's another anecdote that describes well why I got into making road bicycles in the first place.

It was 1982, I was riding for the Team Carrera and I was managing the bicycle production at Battaglin Cicli as well. The Battaglins were the bicycles supplied to the team.


We started exploring what was possible to do with new materials, and we created one of the first-ever carbon frames, the Pirana.

Thanks to our collaboration with FIR, we also made carbon wheels and tested the bike in the wind tunnel.

Roberto Visentini was supposed to ride the Pirana at the Giro d'Italia's time trial. It was so revolutionary and fast that the judges of the Giro banned it!

Their verdict was that it would have given too much advantage to our rider, outperforming any other bike in the peloton.

In the end, the Pirana never saw the starting line. However, many magazines worldwide talked about it, underscoring our attitude towards innovation.